Cosmology and Structure Formation

At the Chair for Cosmology and Structure Formation, Professor Joseph Mohr and his team are addressing questions about the origins of cosmic structures, the nature of dark matter and the causes of the cosmic acceleration.

Evolution of the Structure of the Universe

Current Research

  • testing the standard model, quantifying tensions with other cosmological probes
  • tests of modified gravity using galaxy cluster counts and their matter profiles
  • constraints on interacting dark matter models
  • Combining weak lensing and galaxy cluster clustering as a probe

  • the promise of weak lensing voids as cosmological probes in the era of Euclid and Rubin
  • Weak lensing voids from the Dark Energy Survey

  • Understanding the linkage between HI and the star formation rate in galaxies over a range of environments
  • Creating the largest available samples of X-ray and SZE selected galaxy clusters
  • Impact of baryonic feedback on galaxy clusters and the matter power spectrum
  • Connections between voids defined using weak lensing, galaxies and galaxy clusters

  • preparation and delivery of the ground based EXTernal datasets
  • optimal photometric calibration across the sky using the Gaia spectra as a baseline
  • joint cataloging of ground based and Euclid VIS and NIR imaging

  • development of OTF algorithm and pipelines for its application to MeerKAT data
  • application of pipelines to MeerKLASS dataset to produce deep radio source catalogs

  • algorithms and code for weak lensing calibration of galaxy clusters
  • algorithms and code for studies of the clustering of galaxy clusters
  • development of joint Euclid+Rubin data processing tools

  • collaborative establishment of an multi-field, multi-dataset research analysis infrastructure in Germany


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International Collaborations

The Chair is involved in multiple international collaborations

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Prof. Dr. Joseph Mohr

Professor, Chair for Cosmology and Structure Formation

Cosmology, galaxy clusters, large scale structure, galaxy evolution, multi-wavelength surveys, instrumentation/software

Dr. Sebastian Bocquet

Senior Staff Scientist

Dr. Chris Davies

Staff Scientist

Dr. Matthias Klein

Staff Scientist

Large multi-wavelength surveys, galaxy clusters: cosmology & astrophysics, galaxy evolution, Radio & X-ray AGN, LSS

Dr. Sambit Roychowdhury

Research Fellow

Cosmic structure formation and evolution through observations of neutral gas

Dr. Igor Zinchenko

Research Fellow

Euclid (OU-EXT and SWG Galaxies & AGN), galaxy formation and evolution, chemical abundances, spectroscopic surveys

Dr. Sarvesh Mangla

Research Fellow

Radio astronomy, interferometric imaging, inferring structure in the upper atmosphere with radio data

Dr. Koshy George

Research Fellow

Different star formation quenching processes in galaxies (Ram-pressure stripping, AGN feedback, Action of Stellar bar).

Dr. Daniel Hernandez-Lang

Research Fellow

Cosmology, galaxy cluster catalogs, galaxy evolution, radio astronomy surveys

Dr. Thomas Vassallo

Research Fellow

Data analysis software for space-based missions for cosmology

Dr. Martin Kümmel

Senior Software Developer

Computing in Science, in particular object detection and photometry Multi-wavelength surveys Data processing The Euclid project

Asmaa Mazoun

PhD student

Aditya Singh

PhD student

Sophie Marie Louise Vogt

PhD student

Studies of growth of structure in modified gravity models using weak gravitational lensing and galaxy cluster datasets.

Xu Han

MSc student

Prateek Boga

Master's Student

Clusters, Cosmology, Galactic Dynamics and Dark Matter

Mehar Chawla

Master's Student

Pulak Pradhan

Master's Student

Marijan Tabak

Bachelor's Student

Professor Joseph Mohr on Galaxy Cluster Studies

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36:20 | 1 Jun 2023