Formalities for Master Students


You can reach us personally at

Applications etc. can still be submitted by email and post. Please note our postal address:

  • LMU München, Prüfungsamt Physik, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, D-80539 München
    You can also drop the mail in our mailbox Nr.7 on the 4th floor of Schellingstr. 4.

For EMail communication please use your LMU EMail address (e.g. or and please include your name and matrikel number in the EMail you send to us.


  • Registration and submission of your Master thesis (see below) is possible only till march 15th (winter term) and till september 15th (summer term).
  • You may submit your certificates (Scheine) only till march 15th (winter term) and till september 15th (summer term).

Admission from the aptitude assessment for Master degree studies

You will receive admission to the master’s program from the aptitude test as soon as you send us a certified / notarized copy of the certificate or the transcript showing that you have passed the bachelor’s degree by post or present the original and a simple copy (copy will be retained) to the examination office. You can also send us an original confirmation from your university (a copy or scan by email is not sufficient). For submission by post, please use the following form (PDF, 103 KB)

If you have completed a bachelor's degree in physics or physics and meteorology at the LMU and you were successful in the aptitude assessment, send us an email to the examinations office. We will then send you the Master’s admission. Please do not call upon us until you have been informed about your successful bachelor's degree.

Master project

The final year of the Master's studies is devoted to scientific work. This period is divided into a half-year-long Practical Phase 1+2 and another half year that is used for the Master's thesis. Practical phases and master thesis are typically supervised by one and the same lecturer, who is a member of LMU's Faculty of Physics. The thesis has to be registered at the examination office before you start. See the page on how to obtain a topic. For an external Master's thesis see below.

Certificate for the Practical Phases /
The successful completion of the practical phases is certified by your advisor with the
Certificate form for the Practical Phases 1+2 (PDF, 153 KB)

Registration of the Master's thesis (Physics or Meteorology)
Ahead of beginning the master thesis the Students have to register the thesis (in person, by email or by post).
For the registration the students have to submit the certificate for the Practical Phases 1+2 , the Bescheinigung zur Durchführung der Masterarbeit (Confirmation of supervision of Master's thesis). Here you will find the forms:
Bescheinigung zur Durchführung der Masterarbeit (on page 2) (PDF, 153 KB)
The examination office will check your eligibility and record the starting date of work on the Master's thesis and the date of submission, half a year later.
If you send the registration by email/post, please use the form for registering the master's thesis (PDF, 106 KB). If you register in person, no form is required.

Registration of the Master's thesis (Astrophysics)
Before beginning work on their half-year Master's thesis in Astrophysics, students have to register the thesis (in person, by email or by post) at the examination office using the form Bescheinigung über die Durchführung der Masterarbeit MSc. Astrophysik (PDF, 99 KB), signed by your supervisor. If you send the registration by email/post, please accompany the latter form by the form for registering the master's thesis (PDF, 106 KB), signed by yourself. The certificate on the practical phases (PDF, 69 KB) (see points K,L,N in the pre-WS2023 study scheme (PDF, 99 KB) or the Master Project moduls in the post-WS2023 study scheme (PDF, 156 KB), depending on when you started your studies) signed by the advisor, has to be submitted to the examination office (at the latest with the return of the report to the examination office) as well. Please see the overview and especially the pre-WS2023 guidelines (PDF, 53 KB) / post-WS2023 guidelines (PDF, 166 KB) or consult the study counseling.

Additional Formalities for external practical phases and Master thesis

If the favored advisor is not a member of LMU's Faculty of Physics, the practical phases and the Master thesis have to be approved by the examination committee before you start the practical phases. You also have to search for an internal advisor from LMU's Faculty of Physics. Please follow the following steps:

  • Hand in an informal proposal for the thesis project also describing the setting of the supervision for the examination commitee (e.g. as E-Mail to examination office).
  • Arrange for an E-Mail from the internal LMU advisor to, mentioning that he is willing to supervise your thesis.
  • Arrange for an E-Mail from the direct advisor (e.g. from another institute/university) to, mentioning that he is willing to supervise your thesis.

The examination committe will review the proposal and then decide.

Submission of the Master's thesis

The written Master's thesis must be submitted in two bound copies (exact specifications, see below) on time to the Examination Office in person or by post. Master's theses that do not meet these requirements cannot be accepted. It is good form to provide a copy to your supervisor.
The supervisor receives the documents for the preparation of the report, which is sent directly to the examination office.

  • DIN A4, unsewn binding, no spiral binding, no hardcover.
  • The pages should be double-sided printed. The titlepage has to show the titel in German and English language, also two separate German/English title pages are possible. (In an English title use capitalization for all the main words but not for connecting words such as "a, the, or, and" etc. (compare the Oxford dictionaries). In a German title follow the rules of German capitalization as in a standard sentence (compare the Duden)
  • Both copies must include the following declaration, which must be signed in hand-writing:

    I hereby declare that this thesis is my own work, and that I have not used
    any sources and aids other than those stated in the thesis.

    München, date of submission
    Author's signature
  • Send a pdf file of the master's thesis to the examination office. The pdf file of the work must not be larger than 10 MB. When in doubt, the work must be scaled down. Files that do not end in .pdf and are larger than 10MB will not be accepted. It is not possible to submit only a pdf file. We are waiting for the printed copy.
  • The form for submitting (PDF, 103 KB) the master's thesis must be signed and submitted with the master's thesis. In the form you confirm that the pdf file corresponds to the printed copies.
  • Master's theses that do not meet these requirements cannot be accepted. The Examination Office informs the supervisor who prepares a report, which he sends directly to the examination office.

Master certifcate

Approximately 3 weeks after receiving your graduation notification via email, your graduation certificate will be ready for pick-up. Personal collection is also possible. Please note the office hours/pick-up times (issuing office).

If you send us the signed application form (PDF, 65 KB) via ordinary mail, we can send your Master certificate and transcript to your term address or home address("Semesteranschrift", "Heimatanschrift", the address given in LSF). We can only send the master certificate to another address if you provide a proof of residence. In germany this can be done with a copy of the ID ("Personalausweis", front side and flip side). We also send them abroad.

Certificates and transcript

This applies to students with start of studies until summer semester 2023.

Each time the Master's students successfully complete a lecture course, seminar or laboratory course, they are given certificates to document their results (so called "Scheine"). Some professors pass out the certificate directly, some send them to the examination office. When taking their examinations, the students should to submit to the examiner a certificate form (PDF, 57 KB) into which they have already entered their personal information. The students must collect the certificates they receive, and submit them to the examination office to obtain a transcript of records.
During the "Corona semester" many certificates were sent directly to the examination office.

Please note that a certificate is a document, only fully completed, signed and stamped certificates will be accepted.

Forms for submitting master's certificates

  • Please send the signed originals of the certificates/Scheine to the examination office. Scans/copies are not sufficient.
  • If you have been told that the certificate/Schein is with the examination office (Mrs Fulgieri) you also have to fill in the form above. Please give all the details for the courses and submit the completed form to Mrs Fulgieri.
  • Certificates from other faculties/universities, or from another degree program need a recognition (PDF, 149 KB) (Anerkennung).
  • Please be aware: Certificates/Scheine which are include in the transcript cannot be changed or shifted later on.
  • Master Astrophysics: Please include the signifiere of the coursee (A-J) as you find them in the standardised schedule (PDF, 99 KB) of Studies. You will find further information on the Master Astrophysics at the web-page and from their study counseling.

The date when you submit your last certificate or the master thesis determines the date on your master certificate, and consequently the semester you finish the master program. The report on the thesis may arrive later.

Course registration, exams and online transcript

This applies to students with start of studies in winter semester 2023/24 and afterwards.

  • Students will not receive certificates/Scheine anymore to confirm that they have passed a module examination. Instead, their academic achievements are documented in a Transcript of Records, which can be downloaded at the end of the semester.
  • In order for the courses to appear in the Transcirpt of Records, it is necessary that students register the courses in LSF.

More information to come.

The transcript will be availbale online in LSF at the end of winter term 2023/24.

Key qualification / Schlüsselqualifikation

  • Key qualifications are listed in the course catalog LSF.
  • Language courses for living languages from language institute at LMU are possible, but not for English. Please make sure to obtain a certificate.
  • Programming courses from other faculties and also some language courses from outside LMU can be recognized. Please clarify this beforehand.
  • Elective course (including scientific seminars and practica) cannot be recognized as key qualification and vice versa.

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