Final Theses

Finding a Topic and Supervisor

Topics for Bachelor's or Master's theses should be closely related to the latest research. It is therefore not possible to provide a list of theses topics over here. However, the several work groups regularly publish available Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis projects on their websites (see below).

Apart from current calls for proposals, it is possible for you to contact a working group directly to discuss a possible individual thesis project.You can find an overview of the research fields and working groups of the Faculty of Physics in the Research section.

Please check the website of the examination office for further information and regulations applying to (external) Bachelor's and Master's theses.

External Thesis

In the vicinity of munich you will find several research institutes which offer bachelor and master projects for physics students. If the thesis advisor is a member of the LMU Faculty of Physics you can clarify the projekct details directly with her, with him.

Otherwise the thesis has to be approved by the examination committee. In this case you additionally have to find an internal advisor from LMU's Faculty of Physics.

On the pages of the Examinations Office you will find further details for registering an external Bachelor's thesis or for registering an external Master's thesis.

Offers for Bachelor's and Master's theses at external institutions:

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