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Available projects

Master thesis "Collective cell motion in tumor"

Living matter is intrinsically dynamical, including tumor-like cell aggregates and tissue. The organization and dynamics of cellular matter exhibits characteristic states and glass-like transitions. We aim to follow cellular dynamics by tracking cell nuclei of tumor model systems using 3D confocal microscopy. Specifically we study the dynamics of immune cells within the tumor as a function of the tumor dynamical state. The project is related to efforts by medical partners to better quantify the efficiency of engineered immune cells in the context of CAR T-cell therapy.

The task of the Master thesis is to design a microfluidic platform for the study of small 3D clusters of cancer cells, 3D imaging of the tumor and CAR T-cell using confocal microscopy. Image analysis using existing software tools and analysis of motility states from trajectory data.

Contact Agathe Jouneau and Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler