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Welcome to the Liedl Research Group on Molecular Self-Assembly and Nanoengineering

We are interested in molecular self-assembly processes in general and particularly in the engineering of functional DNA devices using the DNA origami method. We will focus on the integration of self-assembled DNA nanostructures with lithographically defined environments. We hope to combine well-established lithography methods with the advantages of self-assembly and molecular addressability. The design of functional DNA hybrid materials and its characterization will also help us to understand the mechanical and chemical interactions across multiple levels of organization between the different molecular components in living cells and tissues.

We are grateful to funding from the European Research Council (ERC) enabling us to realize the ERC Consolidator Grant project DNA-Funs: DNA-based functional lattices (link)

Wer are a member lab of the Munich DNA Node.

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3D DNA Origami Crystals

Thus far, arranging sizeable guest molecules in three dimensions using DNA frameworks has not been achieved, mainly because the reported DNA lattices either lack the possibility to grow in three dimensions, or lack sufficient rigidity and / or cavity size to host guest molecules. Here we overcome these challenges and show the poly-crystalline assembly of a DNA origami-based triangular tensegrity structure into rhombohedral lattices and we further demonstrate our capacity to co-crystallize even large guest nanocomponents by using gold nanoparticles of various sizes.

Group members

Name Position
Shuge Dong, Iris Master Student
Lang, Kevin Master Student
Haslinger, Franziska Master Student
Yin, Xin PhD Student
Sikeler, Christoph PhD Student
Pauer, Christoph PhD Student
Frank, Kilian PhD Student
Urban, Maximilian Postdoc
Tavacoli, Joseph Postdoc
Posnjak, Gregor Postdoc
Nickels, Philipp Postdoc
Dass, Mihir PhD Student
Ermatov, Arthur PhD Student
Martynenko, Irina Postdoc
Erber, Elisabeth PhD Student
Liedl, Tim Chair of Experimental Physics - Soft Condensed Matter
Kempter, Susanne Technical Staff
Häusler, Mandy Administration
Trommler, Julian PhD Student
Ijäs, Heini Postdoc