Current Information on Teaching at the Faculty of Physics

General questions about teaching at the Faculty of Physics (i.e. questions that do not concern single courses) should be directed to If you have questions about a specific course, please contact the corresponding lecturer.

Information on past Semesters: In summer semester 2020, in winter semester 2020/2021, in summer semester 2021 and in winter semester 2021/2022 teaching at the Faculty of Physics was based on online formats. Some Lab courses were held person to person. Most of the exams were conducted online.

Summer semester 2023

Please note the current Information on Studies and Teaching of LMU.

For the courses of the Faculty of Physics, registration via LSF is generally required. The registration period for most courses is from 27.03.2023 to 20.04.2023.

Separate regulations apply for certain courses, in particular for the physics lab courses. Please note the corresponding comments in LSF.

The first examinations of the mandatory courses take place between 24.07.2023 and 04.08.2023.

The repeat examinations of the mandatory courses take place between 18.09.2023 and 29.09.2023.

The specific dates and information on how to register for exams will be announced in advance in the LSF course catalogue.

Invited are all students who start a Master's Degree program in Physics, Meteorolgy or Astrophysics for the 2022 summer semester. We provide general information on the programs' structure and examination matters.

When? Thursday, 13 April 2023, 13:30 CET

Where? Zoom video-conference

About one week before the event, all prospective Master's degree students will receive an email with the access data for the Zoom video-conference.

Information for beginners

For a first overview, please read the flyer Immatrikulation/Einschreibung (only available in German).

Bachelor and Teaching degree programs

The Bachelor and Teaching degree programs are taught in German. Information on erollment can be found on the German website.

Master degree programs

Please read the information on the page Applying to a master's program at the Faculty of Physics.

  • In the entries on the lecture website. Please note that only those events with own web presence appear on this page. If you do not find your course here please visit
  • the entry of the course in LSF.
  • In any case, the lecturers will inform you in time by e-mail about the respective procedure.

You can register for courses via the electronic course catalog LSF.

With your enrollment you will receive an LMU user ID, which entitles you to access LSF and many other LMU systems. Information on the LMU user ID can be found on the pages of the LMU IT Service Desk.

Generally, you have to register for all courses you want to attend via LSF. For deadlines, please refer to the current information above.

If you have any further questions, please contact our program counselling service.

Graduation Ceremony

Information on the next graduation ceremony can be found here.

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