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K. A Salbaum, E. R Shelton, F. Serwane
Retina organoids: Window into the biophysics of neuronal systems
Biophysics Rev. 3, 011302, 2022

H. Zhang, J. Bussmann, F. H. Huhnke, Joke Devoldere, A. Minnaert, W. Jiskoot, F. Serwane, J. Spatz, M. Röding, S. C. De Smedt, K. Braeckmans, K. Remaut
Together is Better: mRNA Co‐Encapsulation in Lipoplexes is Required to Obtain Ratiometric Co‐Delivery and Protein Expression on the Single Cell Level
Advanced Science, Volume 9, Issue 4, 2102072, 2022

P. M. Wysmolek, F. D. Kiessler, K. A. Salbaum, E. R. Shelton, S. M. Sonntag & F. Serwane
A minimal-complexity light-sheet microscope maps network activity in 3D neuronal systems
Scientific Reports, volume 12, 20420, 2022


F. H. Huhnke, J. Di Russo, P. Wysmolek, J. Diemer, N. Dhanovici, J. P. Spatz, F. Serwane
The tissue within a retina organoid shows a yield stress, the amount of mechanical stress necessary to induce irreversible deformations, which regulates the retina’s mechanical integrity
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol.60, 6184, 2019


A. Mongera, P. Rowghanian, H. J. Gustafson, E. Shelton, D. A. Kealhofer, E. K. Carn, F. Serwane, A. A. Lucio, J. Giammona, O. Campàs
A fluid-to-solid jamming transition underlies vertebrate body axis elongation
Nature volume 561, pages 401–405, 2018

F. Serwane, J. Spatz
Tunable neuronal network and an artificial eye

E. Shelton, F. Serwane, O. Campàs
Geometrical characterization of fluorescently labelled surfaces from noisy 3D microscopy data
Journal of Microscopy, Volume 269, Issue 3, p. 259-268, 2018

E. Shelton, A. Lucio, H. Gustafson, A. Mongera, F. Serwane, O. Campàs
Droplet Based Measurements of Mechanical Forces and Material Properties, In Vivo and In Vitro
Biophysical Journal, Vol. 114, Issue 3, Supplement 1, 2018


F. Serwane, A. Mongera, P. Rowghanian, D. A. Kealhofer, A. A. Lucio, Z. M. Hockenbery, O. Campas
In vivo quantification of spatially varying mechanical properties in developing tissues
Nature methods 14, pages 181–186, 2017


P. Rowghanian, F. Serwane, D. Kealhofer, C. D. Meinhart, O. Campas
Dynamics and shapes of ferrofluid drops under spatially uniform magnetic fields
APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting Abstracts (2016)

Elijah Shelton, Friedhelm Serwane, Alessandro Mongera, Adam Lucio, Otger Campàs
Decoupling tissue and cell scale stresses using embedded oil microdroplets
APS March Meeting Abstracts

D. Kealhofer, F. Serwane, A. Mongera, P. Rowghanian, A. Lucio, O. Campàs
Characterizing the mechanical behavior of the zebrafish germ layers
APS March Meeting Abstracts (2016)

Friedhelm Serwane, Alessandro Mongera, Payam Rowghanian, David Kealhofer, Adam Lucio, Zachary Hockenbery, Otger Campàs
Direct measurement of local material properties within living embryonic tissues
APS March Meeting Abstracts (2016)

Earlier publications

S. Sala, G. Zürn, T. Lompe, A. N. Wenz, S. Murmann, F. Serwane, S. Jochim, A. Saenz
Coherent molecule formation in anharmonic potentials near confinement-induced resonances
Physical Review Letters (2013)

G. Zürn, F. Serwane, T. Lompe, A. N. Wenz, M. G. Ries, J. E. Bohn, S. Jochim
Fermionization of two distinguishable fermions
Physical review letters (2012)

F. Serwane, G. Zürn, T. Lompe, T. B. Ottenstein, A. N. Wenz, S. Jochim
Deterministic preparation of a tunable few-fermion system
Science (2011)

T. Lompe, T. B. Ottenstein, F. Serwane, A. N. Wenz, G. Zürn, S. Jochim
Radio-frequency association of Efimov trimers
Science (2010)

T. Lompe, T. B. Ottenstein, F. Serwane, K. Viering, A. N. Wenz, G. Zürn, S. Jochim
Atom-dimer scattering in a three-component Fermi gas
Physical review letters (2010)

M Vengalattore, J Guzman, SR Leslie, Friedhelm Serwane, DM Stamper-Kurn
Periodic spin textures in a degenerate F=1 ^87 Rb spinor Bose gas
Physical Review A (2010)

A. N. Wenz, T. Lompe, T. B. Ottenstein, F. Serwane, G. Zürn, S. Jochim
Universal trimer in a three-component Fermi gas
Physical Review A (2009)