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G. Posnjak, X. Yin, P. Butler O. Bienek, M. Dass, S. Lee, I. D. Sharp, T. Liedl
Diamond-lattice photonic crystals assembled from DNA origami
Science 384 (6697), 781-785 (2024) Arxiv version: here

C. Sikeler, F. Haslinger, I. V. Martynenko, T. Liedl
DNA Origami‐Directed Self‐Assembly of Gold Nanospheres for Plasmonic Metasurfaces
Advanced Functional Materials, 2404766 (2024)

S. Lee, C. Fan, A. Movsesyan, J. Bürger, F. J. Wendisch, L. S. Menezes, S. A. Maier, H. Ren, T. Liedl, L. V. Besteiro, A. O. Govorov, E. Cortes
Unraveling the Chirality Transfer from Circularly Polarized Light to Single Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Angewandte Chemie, e202319920 (2023)

D. Gao, S. Wilken, A. B. N. Nguyen, G. R. Abraham, T. Liedl, O. A. Saleh
Controlling the size and adhesion of DNA droplets using surface-enriched DNA molecules
Soft Matter 20 (6), 1275-1281 (2024)


L. Kilwing, P. Lill, B. Nathwani, R. Guerra, E. Benson, T. Liedl, W.M. Shih
Multilayer DNA Origami with Terminal Interfaces That Are Flat and Wide-Area
ACS nano 18 (1), 885-893 (2023)

A. Muravitskaya, A. Movsesyan, O. Avalos-Ovando, V. A. Bahamondes Lorca, M. A. Correa-Duarte, L. V. Besteiro, T. Liedl, P. Yu, Z. Wang, G. Markovich, A. O. Govorov
Hot Electrons and Electromagnetic Effects in the Broadband Au, Ag, and Ag–Au Nanocrystals: The UV, visible, and NIR Plasmons
ACS Photonics 11 (1), 68-84 (2023)

I. V. Martynenko, E. Erber, V. Ruider, M. Dass, G. Posnjak, X. Yin, P. Altpeter, T. Liedl
Site-directed placement of three-dimensional DNA origami
Nature Nanotechnology 18 (12), 1456-1462 (2023)

M. Alarcón‐Correa, L. Kilwing, F. Peter, T. Liedl, P. Fischer
Platinum‐DNA Origami Hybrid Structures in Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide
ChemPhysChem 24 (22), e202300294 (2023)

F. Schuknecht, K. Kołątaj, M. Steinberger, T. Liedl, T. Lohmueller
Accessible hotspots for single-protein SERS in DNA-origami assembled gold nanorod dimers with tip-to-tip alignment
Nature Communications 14 (1), 7192 (2023)

O. A. Saleh, S. Wilken, T. M. Squires, T. Liedl
Vacuole dynamics and popping-based motility in liquid droplets of DNA
Nature Communications 14, 3574, 2023

S. H. Park, H. Park, J. M. Nam, Y. Ke, T. Liedl, Y. Tian, S. Lee
DNA origami-designed 3D phononic crystals
Nanophotonics, 2023

P.J. Kolbeck, M. Dass, I.V. Martynenko, R.J.A. van Dijk-Moes, K.J.H. Brouwer, A. van Blaaderen, W. Vanderlinden, T. Liedl, J. Lipfert
DNA Origami Fiducial for Accurate 3D Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging
Nano Letters, 2023

B. Zhang, L. Nguyen, K. Martens, A. Heuer-Jungemann, J. Philipp, S. Kempter, J. O. Rädler, T. Liedl, H. Kitzerow
Luminescent DNA-origami nano-rods dispersed in a lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal
Liquid Crystals, 1-9 (2023)

K. Trofymchuk, K. Kołątaj, V. Glembockyte, F. Zhu, G.P. Acuna, T. Liedl, P. Tinnefeld
Gold Nanorod DNA Origami Antennas for 3 Orders of Magnitude Fluorescence Enhancement in NIR
ACS Nano 17, 2, 1327–1334 (2023)

M. Dass, L. Raab, C. Pauer, C. Sikeler, L. Heinze, J. Tavacoli, I. V. Martynenko, U. Rührmair, G. Posnjak,T. Liedl
Self-assembled physical unclonable function labels based on plasmonic coupling
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.19587 (2023)


K. Martens, T. Funck, E.Y. Santiago, A.O. Govorov, S. Burger, T. Liedl
Onset of Chirality in Plasmonic Meta-Molecules and Dielectric Coupling
ACS Nano 16 (10), 16143-16149

H. Ijäs, T. Liedl, V. Linko, G. Posnjak
A label-free light-scattering method to resolve assembly and disassembly of DNA nanostructures
Biophysical Journal 121 (24), 4800-4809 (2022)

V. Giegold, K. Koła̧taj, T. Liedl, A. Hartschuh
Phase-Selective Four-Wave Mixing of Resonant Plasmonic Nanoantennas
ACS Photonics 9 (11), 3727-3733 (2022)

L. Kilwing, P. Lill, B .Nathwani, J.K.D. Singh, T. Liedl, W.M. Shih
Three-phase DNA-origami stepper mechanism based on multi-leg interactions
Biophysical Journal 121 (24), 4860-4866 (2022)

G. Junot, S. G. Leyva, C. Pauer, C. Calero, I. Pagonabarraga, T. Liedl, J. Tavacoli, and P. Tierno
Friction Induces Anisotropic Propulsion in Sliding Magnetic Microtriangles
Nano Letters 22, 18, 7408–7414 (2022)
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C. Pauer, A. Venczel, M. Dass, T. Liedl, J. Tavacoli
Propulsion of Magnetic Beads Asymmetrically Covered with DNA Origami Appendages
Advanced Material Technologies 7 (12), 2200450 (2022)
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Oscar Ávalos-Ovando, Eva Yazmin Santiago, Artur Movsesyan, Xiang-Tian Kong, Peng Yu, Lucas V. Besteiro, Larousse Khosravi Khorashad, Hiromi Okamoto, Joseph M. Slocik, Miguel A. Correa-Duarte, Miguel Comesaña-Hermo, Tim Liedl, Zhiming Wang*, Gil Markovich*, Sven Burger*, and Alexander O. Govorov*
Chiral Bioinspired Plasmonics: A Paradigm Shift for Optical Activity and Photochemistry
ACS Photonics, 9, 7, 2219–2236 (2022)
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M. Dass, L. Kuen, G. Posnjak,S. Burger and T. Liedl
Visible wavelength spectral tuning of absorption and circular dichroism of DNA-assembled Au/Ag core–shell nanorod assemblies
Materials Advances (2022)
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F. N. Gür, S. Kempter, F. Schueder, C. Sikeler, M. J. Urban, R. Jungmann, T. Liedl
Double‐to Single‐Strand Transition Induces Forces and Motion in DNA Origami Nanostructures
Advanced Materials 33 (37), 2101986 (2021)

O. Ávalos-Ovando, L. V. Besteiro, A. Movsesyan, G. Markovich, T. Liedl, K. Martens, Z. Wang, M. A. Correa-Duarte, A. O. Govorov
Chiral Photomelting of DNA-Nanocrystal Assemblies Utilizing Plasmonic Photoheating
Nano Letters 21 (17), 7298-7308 (2021)

I. V. Martynenko, V. Ruider, M.Dass, T. Liedl, P. C. Nickels
DNA Origami Meets Bottom-Up Nanopatterning
ACS Nano 15 (7), 10769-10774 (2021)

R. M. L. Berger, J. M. Weck, S. M. Kempe, O. Hill, T. Liedl, J. O. Rädler, C. Monzel, A. Heuer‐Jungemann
Nanoscale FasL Organization on DNA Origami to Decipher Apoptosis Signal Activation in Cells
Small 17 (26), 2101678 (2021)

H. Ijäs, B. Shen, A. Heuer-Jungemann, A. Keller, M.A. Kostiainen, T Liedl, J. A. Ihalainen, V. Linko
Unraveling the interaction between doxorubicin and DNA origami nanostructures for customizable chemotherapeutic drug release
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (6), 3048-3062 (2021)

K. Martens, F. Binkowski, L. Nguyen, L. Hu, A. O. Govorov, S. Burger, T. Liedl
Long-and short-ranged chiral interactions in DNA-assembled plasmonic chains
Nature Communications 12, 1-6 (2021)

C. Pauer, O. Du Roure, J. Heuvingh, T. Liedl, J. Tavacoli
Programmable Design and Performance of Modular Magnetic Microswimmers
Advanced Materials, 2006237 (2021)

M. Dass, F. N. Gür, K. Kołątaj, M. J. Urban, T. Liedl
DNA Origami-Enabled Plasmonic Sensing
J. Phys. Chem. C 125, 5969–5981 (2021)


B. Zhang, K. Martens, L. Kneer, T. Funck, L. Nguyen, R. Berger, M. Dass, J. Schmidtke, T. Liedl, H. Kitzerow
DNA Origami Nano-Sheets and Nano-Rods Alter the Orientational Order in a Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal
Nanomaterials 10, 1695 (2020)

O. A. Saleh, B. Jeon, T. Liedl
Enzymatic degradation of liquid droplets of DNA is modulated near the phase boundary
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 117, 16160 (2020)

K. Kramm, T. Schröder, J. Gouge, A. M. Vera, K. Gupta, F. B. Heiss, T. Liedl, C. Engel, I. Berger, A. Vannini, P. Tinnefeld, D. Grohmann
DNA origami-based single-molecule force spectroscopy elucidates RNA Polymerase III pre-initiation complex stability
Nature Communications, 11, 2828 (2020)

L. Nguyen, M. Dass, M. F. Ober, L. V. Besteiro, Z. M. Wang, B. Nickel, A. O. Govorov, T. Liedl, A. Heuer-Jungemann
Chiral Assembly of Gold-Silver Core-Shell Plasmonic Nanorods on DNA Origami with Strong Optical Activity
ACS Nano 14, 7454–7461 (2020)

Y. Xin, C. Kielar, S. Zhu, C. Sikeler, X. Xu, C. Möser, G. Grundmeier, T. Liedl, A. Heuer‐Jungemann, D. M. Smith, A. Keller
Cryopreservation of DNA Origami Nanostructures
Small 16, 1905959 (2020)

K. Bartnik, A. Barth, M. Pilo-Pais, A. H. Crevenna, T. Liedl, D. C. Lamb
A DNA origami platform for single-pair Förster Resonance Energy Transfer investigation of DNA-DNA interactions and ligation
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 142, 815–825 (2020)


Y. Negrín-Montecelo, M. Comesaña-Hermo, L. Khosravi Khorashad, A. Sousa-Castillo, Z. M. Wang, M. Pérez-Lorenzo, T. Liedl, A. O. Govorov, M. A. Correa-Duarte
Photophysical Effects behind the Efficiency of Hot Electron Injection in Plasmon-Assisted Catalysis: The Joint Role of Morphology and Composition
ACS Energy Letters 5, 395 (2019)

T. Liu, L.V. Besteiro, T. Liedl, M.A. Correa-Duarte, Z. Wang, A.O. Govorov
Chiral plasmonic nanocrystals for generation of hot electrons: towards polarization-sensitive photochemistry
Nano Letters 19, 1395–1407 (2019)

L. Hu, T. Liedl, K. Martens, Z. Wang, A. O. Govorov
Long-Range Plasmon-Assisted Chiral Interactions in Nanocrystal Assemblies
ACS Photonics 6, 749–756 (2019)

T. Zhang, T. Liedl
DNA-Based Assembly of Quantum Dots into Dimers and Helices
Nanomaterials 9, 339 (2019)

F. Nicoli, T. Zhang, B. Jin, F. Selbach, C. Argyropoulos, T. Liedl, M. Pilo-Pais
DNA Mediated Self-Assembly of Plasmonic Antennas with a Single Quantum Dot in the Hot Spot
Small 15, 1804418 (2019)

S. Kempter, A. Khmelinskaia, M. T. Strauss, P. Schwille, R. Jungmann, T. Liedl, W. Bae
Single particle tracking and super-resolution imaging of membrane-assisted stop-and-go diffusion and lattice assembly of DNA origami
ACS Nano 13, 996-1002 (2019)

T. Liedl
DNA Nanotubes: Clocking growth and collapse (News & Views)
Nature Chemistry 11, 497–499 (2019)

W. Bae, S. Kocabey, T. Liedl
DNA nanostructures in vitro, in vivo and on membranes
Nano Today 26, 98-107 (2019)

A. Heuer-Jungemann, T. Liedl
From DNA Tiles to Functional DNA Materials
Trends in Chemistry 1, 799 (2019)

K. Hübner, M. Pilo-Pais, F. Selbach, T. Liedl, P. Tinnefeld, F. D. Stefani, G. P. Acuna
Directing Single-Molecule Emission with DNA Origami-Assembled Optical Antennas
Nano Letters 19, 6629-6634 (2019)


I. S. MacPherson, T. Liedl
Chemically "barbed" aptamers selected from a base-modified RNA library
Aptamers 2, 74-81 (2018)

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DNA Origami Templated Silica Growth by Sol‐gel Chemistry
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 58, 912 (2018)

L. M. Kneer, E.-M. Roller, L. V. Besteiro, R. Schreiber, A. O. Govorov, T. Liedl
Circular Dichroism of Chiral Molecules in DNA-Assembled Plasmonic Hotspots
ACS Nano 12, 9110 (2018)

T. Funck, F. Nicoli, A. Kuzyk, T. Liedl
Sensing Picomolar Concentrations of RNA Using Switchable Plasmonic Chirality
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 57,13495–13498 (2018)

M. C. Engel , D. M. Smith, M. A. Jobst, M. Sajfutdinow, T. Liedl, , F. Romano, L. Rovigatti , A. A. Louis, J. P. K. Doye
Force-Induced Unravelling of DNA Origami
ACS Nano 12, 6734–6747 (2018)

T. Zhang, C. Hartl, K. Frank, A. Heuer-Jungemann, S. Fischer, P. C. Nickels, B. Nickel, T. Liedl
3D DNA Origami Crystals
Advanced Materials 30, 1800273 (2018)

C. Hartl, K. Frank, H. Amenitsch, S. Fischer, T. Liedl, B. Nickel
Position Accuracy of Gold Nanoparticles on DNA Origami Structures Studied with Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Nano Letters 18, 2609 (2018)

N. Liu & T. Liedl
DNA-Assembled Advanced Plasmonic Architectures
Chemical Reviews 118, 3032 (2018)


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Sculpting Light by Arranging Optical Components with DNA Nanostructures
MRS Bulletin 42, 926-942 (2017)

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Directional Photonic Wire Mediated by Homo-Förster Resonance Energy Transfer on a DNA Origami Platform
ACS Nano 11, 11264–11272 (2017)

E.-M. Roller, L. V. Besteiro, C. Pupp, L. Khosravi Khorashad, A. O. Govorov, T. LiedL
Hotspot-mediated non-dissipative and ultrafast plasmon passage
Nature Physics 13, 761–765 (2017) article

B. Atorf, T. Funck, T. Hegmann, S. Kempter, T. Liedl, K. Martens, H. Mühlenbernd, T. Zentgraf, B. Zhang, H. Kitzerow, M. Urbanski
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Liquid Crystals 44, 1929-1947 (2017)

S. Sellner, S. Kocabey, T. Zhang, K. Nekolla, S. Hutten, F. Krombach, T. Liedl, M. Rehberg
Dexamethasone-conjugated DNA nanotubes as anti-inflammatory agents in vivo
Biomaterials 134, 78–90 (2017) article

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Self-assembled DNA tubes forming helices of controlled diameter and chirality
ACS Nano 11, 1301–1306 (2017) article


F. Nicoli, M. K. Roos, E. A. Hemmi, M. Di Antonio, R. de Vivie-Riedle, T. Liedl
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J. Phys. Chem. A DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.6b10939 (2016) article

P. C. Nickels, B. Wünsch, P. Holzmeister, W. Bae, L. M. Kneer, D. Grohmann, P. Tinnefeld, T. Liedl
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Science 354, 6310, pp. 305-307 (2016) article

S. Simoncelli, E-M. Roller, P. Urban, R. Schreiber, A. J. Turberfield, T. Liedl, T. Lohmüller
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ACS Nano DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.6b05276 (2016) get article

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Plasmon-Exciton coupling using DNA templates
Nano Letters 16, 5962 (2016) get article

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Nano Letters 16, 4282 (2016) get article

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DNA Origami Seesaws as Comparative Binding Assay
ChemBioChem, doi: 10.1002/cbic.201600059 (2016) (get article)

A. M. Maier, C. Weig, P. Oswald, E. Frey, P. Fischer, T. Liedl
Magnetic Propulsion of Microswimmers with DNA-Based Flagellar Bundles
Nano Letters, 16 (2), 906-910 (2016) (get article)

K. Martens, T. Funck, S. Kempter, E.-M. Roller, T. Liedl, B. M. Blaschke, P. Knecht, J. A. Garrido, B. Zhang, H. Kitzerow
Alignment and Graphene-Assisted Decoration of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals Containing DNA Origami Nanostructures
Small. doi:10.1002/smll.201503382 (2016) (get article)


T. Zhang, A. Neumann, J. Lindlau, Y. Wu, G. Pramanik, B. Naydenov, F. Jelezko, F. Schüder, S. Huber, M. Huber, F. Stehr, A. Högele, T. Weil, T. Liedl
DNA-based Self-Assembly of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 9776-9779 (2015) (get article)

B. Nickel & T. Liedl
DNA-linked superlattices get into shape (Commentary)
Nature Materials 14, 746-749 (2015) (get article)

T. Liedl
Pathfinder for DNA constructs (News & Views)
Nature 523, 412-413 (2015) (get article)

Cassinelli, V., Oberleitner, B., Sobotta, J., Nickels, P., Grossi, G., Kempter, S., Frischmuth, T., Liedl, T., Manetto, A.
One-Step Formation of “Chain-Armor”-Stabilized DNA Nanostructures
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 54 (27), 7795-7798 (2015) (get article)
Research highlight in: Nature Materials 14, 654 (2015) (get article)

Kocabey, S., Kempter, S., List, J., Xing, Y., Bae, W., Schiffels, D., Shih, W. M., Simmel, F. C., Liedl, T.
Membrane-Assisted Growth of DNA Origami Nanostructure Arrays
ACS Nano 9 (4), 3530-3539 (get article)

Göpfrich, K., Zettl, T., Meijering, A. E. C., Hernández-Ainsa, S., Kocabey, S., Liedl, T., Keyser, U. F.
DNA-Tile Structures Induce Ionic Currents through Lipid Membranes
Nano Letters 15, 3134-3138 (2015) (get article)

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DNA nanotubes as intracellular delivery vehicles in vivo
Biomaterials 53, 453-463 (2015) (

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DNA-assembled nanoparticle rings exhibit electric and magnetic resonances at visible frequencies
Nano Letters 15 (2), 1368-1373 (2015) (get article)

Kocabey, S., Meinl, H., MacPherson, I. S., Cassinelli, V., Manetto, A., Rothenfusser, S., Liedl, T., Lichtenegger, F. S.
Cellular uptake of tile-assembled DNA nanotubes
Nanomaterials 5 (1), 47-60 (2015) (get article)


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Nature Communications 5: 3448 (2014) (download pdf)

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M1.3 – a small scaffold for DNA origami
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Research highlights in: Nature Nanotechnology (get article) and Nature Materials (get article)


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Direct Mechanical Measurements Reveal the Material Properties of Three-Dimensional DNA Origami
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Small 7, 1795-1799 (2011) (get article)

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Nature Nanotechnology 5, 520–524 (2010) (download pdf)


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