Cosmology and Large Scale Structure

This is a course for students taking a Master in Physics or Astrophysics. This course will enable you to not only learn about the evolution and structure formation processes in the Universe, the course will equip you with the necessary tools to pursue original research in modern cosmology and hence actively participate in the quest of uncovering some of the deepest mysteries of the Universe and Physics. You will learn the basics of general relativity, the riddles of dark matter and dark energy, the origin of structures in the very early Universe and how they evolve to the distribution of galaxies and the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background.

Learner Testimonials:

"This was my favorite course in the whole semester. Prof.Weller did explain really well all the core concepts and helped us in understanding our universe even better."

"Das Engagement und die Begeisterung des Dozenten für sein Thema, das war auch ansteckend. Und die immer gute Laune. Die Möglichkeit häufig und viele Fragen zu stellen. Die große Bereitschaft Fragen zu beantworten, sowohl des Dozenten als auch der Tutoren."

Course Contents

The core of the course is not just the lecture but also hands-on problems you learn to solve with the advice of experienced tutors.

In particular topics include

  • The Cosmic Distance Ladder
  • Modelling the Expansion of the Universe
  • Cosmology from Distance Measures
  • The Large-Scale Distribution of Galaxies
  • Modelling the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
  • Cosmological Tests with Large-Scale Structure
  • Structures in Radiation - The Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Modelling of Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies
  • Cosmology with Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies
  • Weighing the Universe - The Most Massive Objects: Galaxy Clusters
  • State of the Art: Bringing it all together - The H0 Tension

Organisational Matters

According to confirmation the lecture will take place in presence, but will also be live broadcasted and recorded. In order that you will receive information how to connect to the lecture and
where to find further material it is compulsary that you register to the course in LSF here:

Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure

The main lecture will be broadcasted live via Zoom during the standard lecture time and date below. You will obtain
the connection details via LSF email. In addition the problem sheets can be handed in via assignments
in Moodle. So please also register for the course on the LMU Moodle.
The key for enrolling will be also provided by email.

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Problem Classes: Thursdays,
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Problem Sheets
Note that the problem sheets are available
for download on the LMU Moodle

Lecture Notes and Literature

Note that the lecture notes are available
for download on the LMU Moodle

Ray d'Inverno, "Introducing Einstein's Relativity"
Hobson, Efstathiou and Lasenby, "General Relativity - An Introduction for Physicists"
Steven Weinberg, "Gravitation and Cosmology"
Steven Weinberg, "Cosmology"
John A. Peacock, "Cosmological Physics"
Scott Dodelson and Fabian Schmidt, "Modern Cosmology"
available as e-book from the LMU library here.
Daniel Baumann's fantastic Lecture Notes on Cosmology
And now his new book here