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Prof. Dr. Alexander Urban

Faculty of Physics

Department für Physik und CeNS

Post doctoral researchers

Ph.D. Anna Abfalterer

Characterization and optical spectroscopy of perovskite nanocrystals

Ph.D. Students

M.Sc. Patrick Ganswindt

Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale polymer-perovskite hybrid systems.

M.Sc. Nina Henke

Synthesis and characterization of anisotropic perovskite nanocrystals

M.Sc. Ulrich Leo

Electron-beam crosslinking and characterization of anistropic perovskite nanocrystal thin films

M.Sc. Andreas Singldinger

Ultra-fast low temperature spectroscopy on perovskite nanocrystals

Master students

B.Sc. Faiz Ahmad
B.Sc. Michael Seilbeck
B.Sc. Isabella Tepfenhart

Electron-beam crosslinking of micelle-encapsulated perovskite nanocrystals

Bachelor students & interns

Daphne Benedikt
Gauthier Debuisschert

Practical Student

Optical spectroscopy on halide perovskite nanocrystals

B.Sc. Tena Matosevic
B.Sc. Bastian Schubert

In situ optical spectroscopy during the synthesis of lead halide perovskite nanocrystals

B.Sc. Moritz Würf


Bachelor student 2023


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