Our Team

Here you will find an overview of our members and their respective research interests.

Head of Chair


Subgroup leaders

Prof. Dr. Leonardo Menezes

Leo leads the subgroup on ultrafast nanophotonics, with a focus on single nanoemitters and photon-phonon energy conversion.

Room: D03.010

Dr. Andreas Tittl

Andreas leads the subgroup on mid-infrared nanophotonics for sensing and spectroscopy.

Room: D01.012

Dr. Fritz Keilmann

Fritz leads the subgroup on biology applications of infrared nanoscopy.

Administrative and technical support

Denise Wedemeyer

Denise Wedemeyer provides us with administrative and secretarial support.

Room: D03.008

Reinhold Rath

Reinhold Rath supports our clean room and general lab facilities, and is also in charge of safety.

Room: D03.010


Dr. Alexander Antonov

Alexander studies the interaction of light with optical metasurfaces within theoretical and semi-analytical approaches.

Room: D03.013

Dr. Alexander Berestennikov

Alexander's research is related to the study of the optical properties of hybrid metasurfaces.

Room: D01.013

Dr. Angana Bhattacharya

Angana develops metasurfaces applicable in neuromorphic imaging and studies their tunability for mid infra-red applications.

Room: D03.013

Dr. Yohan Lee

Yohan is working on active metasurfaces and their applications.

Room: D03.015

Dr. Wenzheng Lu

Wenzheng is working on active modulation of photonic metasurfaces and their applications in optical devices.

Room: D03.015

Dr. Abhinav Sharma

Abhinav deals with the efficient generation and detection of surface acoustic waves.

Room: D03.015

Dr. Luca Sortino

Luca studies the integration of excitonic 2D semiconductors with plasmonic and dielectric hybrid nano-photonic structures.

Room: D03.013

PhD students

Andreas Aigner

Andreas researches applications of optical metasurfaces.

Room: D03.013

Enrico Baù

Enrico studies semiconductor integrated photonic circuits and in-liquid biosensing using near-field optical microscopy.

Room: D01.014

Jonas Biechteler

Jonas investigates the integration of 2D materials and their heterostructures with dielectric nanocavities.

Room: D01.013

Jiaqi Chen

Jiaqi investigates light propagation in alternative nonreciprocal media, with a focus on Förster resonance energy transfer.

Room: D03.015

Thorsten Gölz

Thorsten is developing methods for performing biospectroscopy on living cells with sSNOM.

Room: D01.014

Dmytro Gryb

Dmytro studies chiral metasurfaces, as well as metasurfaces for structural light applications.

Room: D03.015

Connor Heimig

Connor investigates new mechanisms in light-matter interaction in metasurfaces driven by bound states in the continuum.

Room: D01.014

Michael Hirler

Michael develops novel concepts for metasurfaces based on photonic bound states in the continuum.

Room: D01.014

Haiyang Hu

Haiyang researches TiO2-based all-dielectric metasurfaces for energy conversion and molecular detection

Room: D01.013

Tao Jiang

Tao's research focuses on the application of metasurface-enhanced spectroscopy.

Room: D03.013

Chenhao Li

Chenhao obtained an LMU-CSC Scholarship to study phase-change nanophotonics.

Room: D03.013

Thomas Possmayer

Thomas is working on single photon emitters in 2D materials integrated in nanophotonic structures.

Room: D03.015

Thomas Weber

Thomas studies metasurfaces for biospectroscopy in the mid-infrared.

Room: D01.013

Xingye Yang

Xingye is working on tunable and waveguide coupled BIC based metamaterials.

Room: D03.013

MSc students

Lina Rohrer

Lina is working on biosensing in biomimetic membrane systems with BIC metasurfaces.

Room: D03.015

Levin Seidt

Levin is working on second harmonic generation with controllable polarization in layered transition metal dichalcogenides.

Room: D03.015

Yunshan Wang

Yunshan develops a highly sensitive technique to measure nonlinear refraction and nonlinear absorption of monolayers.

Room: D03.005

Visiting researchers

Prof. Dr. Andres Marquez

Andres is a professor at the University of Alicante (Spain), on a sabatical working on wavefront engineering with metasurfaces.

Room: D03.011

Cristina Cruciano

Cristina is a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano, investigating ultrafast interactions of excitons and optical metasurfaces.

Room: D04.009

Igor Gonçalves

Igor is a Ph.D. student at UFPE in Recife working on DNA origami-based optically and electrically excited random lasers.

Room: D03.005

External lab users

Demiralp Berke

Demiralp is a visitor from TUM.

Run Fa Jonny Qiu

Jonny is a visitor from TUM.



Prof. Dr. Stefan Maier


Dr. Changxu Liu
Dr. Yi Li
Dr. Rodrigo Berté
Dr. Haoran Ren
Dr. Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Dr. Fedja Wendisch
Dr. Anil Kumar Pal
Dr. Lin Nan

PhD Students

Dr. Ludwig Hüttenhofer
Dr. Lucca Kühner
Allison Pessoa
Dr. Andrea Mancini
Dr. Benjamin Tilmann
Dr. Luca Berger
Dr. Johannes Bürger

MSc Students

Johannes Lechner
Linda Hädrich
Daniele De Gregorio
Rebecca Büchner
Laura Kern
Simon Bongarz
Ermanno Sava
Theresa Kammerbauer
Julius Kühne
Paul Butler
Martin Barkey
Max Beddoe
Merve Gülmüs
Alwin Wester
David Simml
Luis Morguet
Markus Stein

Visiting Researchers

Prof. Dr. Felipe Pinheiro
Magdaléna Robešová

Technical and Administrative Staff

Martina Edenhofer
Namvar Jahanmehr