Halide perovskites are a good material for both solar cells and light emitting devices because of their good internal quantum efficiency, high conductivity (in comparison to organic materials) as well as their cheap and scalable manufacture. Another advantage is their color tunability which is achieved either via halide interchanging or quantum confinement to 2D, 1D or 0D devices.

Several issues currently hinder a widespread commercialization. A propensity for degradation induced by external influences (moisture, heat, UV-light), weaker efficiency in the blue spectral region and the inclusion of lead (toxic) are some of these issues.

We as a group are trying to tackle some of these challenges, synthesizing novel materials and investigating their fundamental properties. This knowledge is used to fabricate proof-of-concept devices, which show how the new materials perform and outline strategies for further improvement. Thus, we have a full feedback loop with the chemical synthesis and optical microscopy for continuous improvement of halide perovskites. We work together with some of the leading experts in device fabrication in order to maximize the potential of our novel materials.

In case you have questions or would like more information on device fabrication, check out some of the ones we have realized recently and feel free to contact Ulrich Leo:

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