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At the Faculty of Physics, various contact persons are available to answer your questions about studying physics.


The Dean of Studies is responsible for the organisation of the courses offered in accordance with the examination and study regulations of the Faculty of Physics. He ensures that the physics studies can be properly carried out in all courses within the standard period of studies and that the students and prospective students are adequately advised and supervised.

Dean of Studies: Prof. Dr. Jochen Weller

Physics Examination Office

The Physics Examination Office is responsible for all degree programmes of the Faculty of Physics excluding the elite Master's programme Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (TMP) and the MSc Quantum Science & Technology (QST). You can find your contact person here.

Contact person Elite-Mastercourse TMP and MSc QST

Chairmen of the examination committees

  • Prof. Dr. Otmar Biebel : Chairman Examination Committee: BSc Physics, BSc Physics extended minor Meteorology, MSc Physics, Diplom Physics, Minor in Physics, Minor in Theoretical Physics, Minor in Experimental Physics
  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Kuhn : Chairman Examination Committee: Lehramtsstudiengänge der Physik (Unterrichtsfach, Didaktikfach, Erweiterungsfach Physik)
  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Mayer : Chairman Examination Committee: MSc Meteorology, Minor in Meteorology
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Preibisch : Chairman Examination Committee: MSc Astrophysics
  • Prof. Dr. Ilka Brunner : Chairwoman Examination Committee: MSc Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

The Academic Affairs team coordinates the study programmes of the Faculty of Physics. We ensure that studies in the various degree programmes are conducted according to the study regulations, develop additional offers that complement the physics studies at our faculty and support pupils who are interested in studying physics at the LMU.

Your contacts:

Dr. Markus Reiserer (Head)

Inge Wiedemann-Thies (Office, LSF Course Catalogue, Room Planning)

Dr. Sabine Irlbeck (Digital Teaching, Extrecurricular events, PSRC, Career Workshops)

Dr. Jana Traupel (Contact for pupils before they start their studies)

Anja Faust (International affirs)

Counselling and Guidance fom Incoming and Outgoing Exchange Students: Marlene Musazay

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The "Gruppe Aktiver FachschafterInnen (GAF)" is a students organization that supports students in adminstrative and academic matters. Members of the GAF are elected by all physics students.

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