PSRC – Physics Student Research Conference

Science is You!

Scientific conferences are part of the everyday life of physicists - physics students at LMU try out what conferences look like and how to present themselves and their own research topic at conferences at the Physics Student Research Conference.

PSRC 2022

"Science is virtually You" - under the motto the Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Physics took place online via video conference on March 8, 2022. You can find an exciting insight into the conference under Review PSRC 2022.

Future PSRC

When the next PSRC will take place you will find out here in time. Feel free to drop by again!

All about PSRC!

Science is You!

At the Physics Student Research Conference PSRC, the main focus is on communicating one's own research. The program of the conference resembled that of an "ordinary" symposium.

The PSRC offers all participants:

  • a broad overview of the research fields of the faculty,
  • an ideal platform to exchange scientific ideas and experiences to get to know other fields and
  • to discuss research perspectives for master theses or doctoral projects.
Speakers will have the opportunity to:

  • present their research project to a student audience,
  • receive new ideas for further research through the subsequent discussion,
  • receive direct feedback on their presentations from their fellow students.
An exclusive workshop is also offered for students who wish to present their research topics. In order to optimally prepare for the short presentation, rhetorical techniques are learned there with the help of a professional trainer and the presentation is individually perfected.

The PSRC is a conference "by students for students": bachelor and master students from different fields of the faculty present their research work.

The audience consists of physics students of all semesters who are interested in the research of the faculty.

The talks will be given in English and will last approximately 15 minutes (10 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion). The topic of the talks is the bachelor or master thesis project of the physics students. The independent research work of the students should play a central role.

Student Board

The Student Board, consisting of representatives of the Student Council "Fachschaft", accompanies the scientific program.

Best Student Talk Award

The highlight of the conference is the presentation of the Best Student Talk Award. Here, the best talk is awarded. The best talk is determined from the average of the scores of the personal evaluation sheets.

How it works:

After each lecture, the audience has the opportunity to give their personal feedback on the talk and the way it was presented. In the form of an evaluation sheet, a grade can be assigned and personal comments can be left for the speakers.

The feedback to the speakers, what was positive about their presentation and their presentation style and what could be improved, is certainly an enrichment for them and could certainly be helpful for a future presentation.


In presence with delicious food and drinks or digitally via video conference - the Get-together is the well-deserved conclusion of an exciting and interesting PSRC.

Here the presenters can meet with all participants for an informal exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. Here one can review the conference and gain inspiration for one's research work, make new contacts or gather ideas for an upcoming PhD project.

The perfect preparation!

All presenters are offered an interactive workshop prior to the research conference.

The workshop "Presenting Your Research" teaches all PSRC presenters rhetorical techniques specifically for presenting their own research.

The workshop "Presenting your research" will provide you, as a PSRC presenter, with rhetorical techniques specific to presenting research. The goal of this training is to develop a persuasive presentation that will capture the interest of the audience. The workshop follows an interactive approach in which rhetorical skills are trained by means of various short exercises, so that at the end your short presentation has been refined and perfected. You will receive constructive feedback from both your trainer and the other participants after your exercises. You will also strengthen your social skills in small group exercises, learn to emphasize your key messages, and practice English phrases to introduce sentences, summarize phrases, and express transitions skillfully.

In short, you will learn to

  • formulate your presentation with the audience in mind
  • express introductions, summaries and transitions in English
  • establish contact with the audience
  • emphasize key messages
  • train your voice through intonation, speech rate and pauses
  • deal with difficult questions

In 2021 and 2022 the focus was on the "virtual conference" or virtual presenting.

If you have any questions about the PSRC, please feel free to contact us!

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