General Formalities

For more information see the German Page.

Corona Regulations

Public access to the examination office is currently closed. Requests and submissions have to be done via ordinary mail. Please use the address
LMU München
Fakultät für Physik
Prüfungsamt Physik
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München
For EMail communication please use your LMU EMail address (e.g. or and please include your matrikel number.
We hope you understand that currently we cannot answer questions like "Did everything arrive", or "When will I get ...", "Is the certifificate already there ...".

Corona: Sending applications / requests
Please use the form (PDF, 106 KB) to submit any applications or request. Please include a copy of the ID and, in case, sick leafes etc.

Corona: Shipment of the Master certificate
If you send us the signed
application form (PDF, 65 KB)
via ordinary mail, we can send you your final Master certificate and transcript to your semester address ("Semesteranschrift", the address given in LSF). We can only send the master certificate to another address if you provide a proof of residence. In germany this can be done with a copy of the ID ("Personalausweis", front side and flip side).

Corona: Extension of the time limit
The legislative of the bavarian state changed the law for the universities to cope with the corona pandemic.
If you were enrolled in summer term 2020, winter term 2020/21 and/or summer term 2021(without an academic leave of absence / Beurlaubung), the corresponding term does not count towards the overall time limit (the maximum duration of studies). Essentially you have more time (one/two/three semester) to finish your academic studies. For details see the following page (in german).

Prevented from attending an examination by illness

A student who is prevented by illness from attending an examination, must supply a medical attestation (sick leave). Please send it to the examination office also stating which examinations are affected (course, examination date, lecturer). If you are prevented from taking any oral examination please contact your examinor too.
As soon as you are healthy again, you may ask at the examination office how to repeat the examination.

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