"New Horizons in Physics"-Prize for Til Birnstiel

14 Sept 2023

The LMU astrophysicist has won the award for his modeling of dust traps in protoplanetary disks, solving a long-standing puzzle in planet formation.

Today, the American Breakthrough Prize Foundation announced the winners of the 2024 Breakthrough Prizes, recognizing researchers who have made important discoveries to advance human knowledge. Alongside the main prizes in the categories of fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics, six New Horizons prizes are awarded to promising junior researchers. One of these coveted awards has gone to LMU astrophysicist Til Birnstiel together with Laura M. Pérez (University of Chile), Paola Pinilla (University College London), and Nienke van der Marel (Leiden Observatory) for the “prediction, discovery, and modeling of dust traps in young circumstellar disks, solving a long-standing problem in planet formation.”


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